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Cross-cultural forms of improvisation in Norwegian jazz life

Dybo skriver i innledning til artikkelen: ”In this article I will discuss cross-cultural forms of improvisation in Norwegian jazz life from an ethnomusicological point of view with an emphasis on the questions of musical borrowing from other cultures – where improvisation is an important musical character – and how such borrowing could create other sorts of musical characteristics, e. g. in creating »time« and »groove« during performance practices. This theme has its reference to the question of creating a kind of »otherness« with the basis in jazz improvisations, but where it is influenced by cultural impressions from outside the mainstream American jazz traditions. In other words the purpose of this article is to discuss some aspects of how Norwegian jazz musicians and ensembles 1) either use material from other oral musical cultures than the jazz tradition in their improvisations or 2) collaborate with improvising musicians from other oral cultures outside the jazz tradition. My discussion is limited to three different Norwaybased groups: 1) E’Olen, 2) Frode Fjellheim Jazz Joik Ensemble, and 3) Utla”.

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